Mgister Recording Area was buildt in 2004 and unifies the ideas of a pleasing creative process and a flawless technical quality. All the choices we made, both on the workflow and the construction, were musical.
The acoustic design was developed starting from our favorite records. The technical design took into account the creative process, ease of workflow and operation, and reliability.
Roberto Piazzon’s work as the maintenance engineer makes sure our time won’t be spent waiting for troubleshooting and lets us work relaxed and easy.
All of these conditions set Magister Recording Area as a meeting point for musicians, engineers and people working with music, the living heart of a creative network.

Our aim is to offer the possibility to produce a whole audio project in a single studio complex, from preproduction to a finished master.
Resource sharing makes us competitive, expecially in low budget projects, when some items wouldn’t be affordable.
The highlight of this virtuous cycle is Magister Espresso Orchestra, the resident orchestra, which provides high-quality shared sessions.