A time comes when you give it all to get the result, when every ounce of unwanted weight sounds offending compared to the effort produced, when every little thing has a meaning and a reason and you don’t want other variables to compromise your work… and who’re you gonna call?
I like to be there when I’m needed, and help out. That’s what I do, using all the knowhow and sensitivity I’m capable of.
Following the rules and deciding to break them, learn from the best, not to copy the ideas, but to emulate the dedication which produced the masterpieces. Always humbly and whith creative enthusiasm.
It’s not easy, but the understanding between us helps out, while we do this thing without even knowing if it’s a muse or a demon we’re following.

Keep sending signals.


TV series and programs:

E Investifates, E Original Specials, E True Hollywood Stories, E News Daily, E News Special, E worst Thing I Ever Bought, Enterteinment A list Listings, Starz Edge, Magic City (Nomiation emmy awards 2014), Arrow, Mistresses, Revenge, E Entertainment Broadcast, Spectacular Now, etc

Chambao, Luis Enrique, Rettore, Finardi, Tiziano Ferro, Umberto Tozzi, Tolo Marton, Le Orme, Luna Pop, Laura Pausini, Alexia, Pino Donaggio, Marco Carta, Juan Velez, Yahir, Mijares, Lupita D’Alessio.